“You created an outstandingly entertaining and hilarious performance tailored specifically to my audience.”

Brandi Huff Bilyeu, Sales Development Executive, HBO

“I’ve never seen our people laugh so hard. How can we possibly top this next year?

Todd B. Katz, Vice President, Dental Product Management, MetLife

“….David had the audience roaring. His references really hit home, he took time to learn the language, and he truly engaged everyone in the crowd……ratings were through the roof.”

L. Angel Mrkonja, Regional Director of Training and Development, Securitas Mid-Atlantic Region

Tailored….clever…..hilarious……the perfect addition to our anniversary celebration.”

Jane Llewellyn, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, Rush University Medical Center

“The common feedback was your great ability to customize the program to fit our audience and have some fun with some of the ‘Hot Buttons’ of our industry. The customized songs, slides and stories were hilarious and really met our goals.”

Rod Martin, Sales Manager, VITA PLUS

Your keynote was AWESOME and the feedback I got from the attendees was EXCELLENT!….They really appreciated the customization that you gave in your keynote.”

Dave Tomlin, Director of Education, Iowa Health Care Association

I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed for a full hour, but that is exactly what the entire audience did during your performance……Most speakers boast that they customize their presentations; however, that usually means one or two buzz words or analogies. But, WOW, you really did your homework and your entire presentation was customized….”

Karen M. Brandell, Vice President of Educational Services, Concord Management Limited

“He did a GREAT job….Everyone was incredibly impressed at his ability to take the info he gleaned from the meeting that day and sum it up with such wit in such a short amount of time!”

Amber Rabo, Director, OD & Training, Houston Methodist

“Thanks to your presentation, the all school meeting was a big hit! I don’t know how we can ever top your act…….Your presentation was tremendous and right on target.

Steven A. Schwab, Dean of Academic Affairs, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

“David’s program was very funny and enjoyable, and was appropriate for our audience….I’ve never seen this group of individuals leave with a big smile on their face, the way they did after this program.

Terri Drummond, CME Coordinator, PinnacleHealth System

“You are a master at providing an industry specific customized feel to your presentations. Did I mention the non-stop laughter?

John M. Hannon, President , Jim Doyle and Associates

“David brought a unique and delightful combination of qualities to our annual all-staff in-service: he was highly professional and extremely entertaining. His thorough preparation allowed him to customize his presentation to our very diverse audience of 500 staff….

Debra D’Allessandro, Project Manager, Health Federation of Philadelphia

Our team thoroughly enjoyed your performance and the way you used our company specific information……We were also impressed with how you pulled the information…..together so well, considering we booked the event about a week before.”

Robert P. Kiefer, Executive Vice President, 3SI Security Systems

“We appreciated being able to work with you in advance to customize your content and everyone enjoyed the references to things familiar……You were the highlight at this quarterly meeting.”

Kim Rose, Assistant Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Shands Healthcare

“……you received very high marks and those who attended were very impressed with how you were able to customize your presentation to focus on our organization and its 25th anniversary.”

Craig L. Nelson, Executive Director, Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association

“You were a great hit with the crowd……Everyone enjoyed your talent and brand of humor….”

Jim Knapp, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, General Dynamics Information Technology

“Everyone LOVED your presentation…..many saying you were the best keynote that we have ever had—wow!”

Erica Klein, Senior Coordinator, Education & Learning Services, NAMSS

“David Glickman was BRILLIANT!…….His performance was the highlight of our convention and ….the single-most successful event we’ve experience with this association.”

Sandra Bruce, Marketing Specialist, Delmar Learning