With Great Punchlines Comes Great Responsibility

Dear Meeting Planner:

I get it.

You see, I’ve been a meeting and event planner, too. I’ve gone through the same process you’re going through right now.

I’ve had to strategize agendas, speakers, entertainers, and programming for events ranging from several hundred people to several thousand people. From a four-hour event to a four-day event.

So I know how important it is to select the right speakers for your event. I know that the success of your entire event often comes down solely to your ‘gut feeling’ as to which keynote speaker would the best fit for your audience.

In my experience of both booking speakers—and being a speaker myself—here’s what I’ve learned. All things being equal, the key to the ultimate audience engagement is the customization of the content specifically to them. That seems to be the universal best fit, regardless of the demographics of the audience or any other factors.

So if the idea of having an entire keynote customized specifically and hilariously for your audience sounds cool, then let’s work together to create that unique and amazing experience for your audience.

Your Partner In Making Meetings Memorable,
David Glickman