Frequently Asked Questions….Answered by David

How long is your keynote program?

It can be very flexible, depending on your needs. When I’m booked for a keynote presentation, it typically runs 60 minutes. If you’re using me as an after-lunch or after-dinner speaker, those programs seem to work best between 35 and 45 minutes. And if you want a longer program, the keynote can go as long as 90 minutes. We can strategize together what works best for your event.

Can you adjust the length of the keynote at the last minute?

Absolutely! Did your last session run 30 minutes over—and now you need me to cut my program in half? Done! Do you need me to stretch because your next presenter is nowhere to be found? Done! I am your partner in ensuring a successful event—and that often means adjusting on the fly.

Can your program go longer than 90 minutes?

Sure! But then it’s not a keynote any more. Now it’s a Breakout Session or a Mega Session or some other creative name we’ll come up with together. Once we’re beyond the 90 minute mark, we’re going to need to include breaks and lots of group activities—components typically not found in a keynote. But to answer your question: Yes! And in most cases there is no extra charge to do so.

Can we spread the program throughout our agenda?

Absolutely! I can break the program into very short segments, even as short as three or four minutes, and sprinkle them throughout your event. This can be very effective if you’ve got a very ‘heavy’ agenda and need some ‘comic relief’ to lighten things up and re-energize the audience throughout the day. And as long as the program is all in the same day, there is typically no extra charge for me to do that.

Are you able to serve as Master of Ceremonies for our event?

Again, absolutely! If your agenda includes items other than my program—awards, introductions, announcements, other speeches, panel discussions—I’m happy to do that. I have served as Emcee for hundreds of events and can ensure that your agenda is facilitated in both a professional and entertaining fashion. And, again, there is typically no extra charge for me to be your Emcee. GLICK here to read more about this.

What is my role in the research for your customization?

It’s pretty simple. Once I’ve done some basic preliminary research, I like to have a Pre-Program telephone call with you about 30 days before your event. The call is typically less than an hour. (I then follow-up with my own additional research on the internet, etc.)

You may want to have several people from your group on the phone call, but I suggest you keep it to a maximum of three. Much more than that and it becomes difficult to hear and decipher everyone’s input.

If you GLICK here  you’ll see a Pre-Program Questionnaire. But you don’t have to fill it out! It’s only here so that you can have an idea of the kind of questions I’ll be asking you. I use it as the guide for my phone call with you.

FYI—Some clients enjoy filling out the questionnaire—and if that’s the case, go for it! However, I’ll still want to have a phone call with you to clarify some of your answers.

Often times after our phone call, you’ll think of some additional information you want to share with me. Or I’ll have some additional questions for you. We then typically follow-up with e-mails (or calls, if you prefer) to fill in the gaps.

What happens if our event is a last-minute booking and you don’t have 30 days to prepare the customization for our program?

No worries! I’ve had countless bookings with very little notice, and I can easily move my R & D (research & development) process into massive high gear. Fortunately, most keynote bookings take place with plenty of lead-time available for the high level of customization I do. But if you want me to book me for an event next week (or tomorrow!) I’ll make it happen.

What kind of Audio-Visual requirements do you have?

GLICK here to read the simple requirements I have to pull off an amazing program for you. And don’t worry—you don’t have to have been a member of your High School AV Club to understand it. It’s all pretty basic.

Do we have to worry about any kind of music licensing for the songs you perform?

No, no worries at all. I have all the proper and up-to-date music licenses necessary to do the program.

How much do you charge for your keynote program?

I don’t post fees on my website, because every booking situation is different. There are many factors that can enter into securing a date for an event. Travel logistics, schedules, lead times, multiple bookings, early payment, referrals, and high-quality video footage are just some of the items that can enter into negotiating a fee.

Also, if the booking is in certain industries where I’ve already conducted lots of research (GLICK here to visit, that can often result in a lower fee.

Bottom line: If you think that I’m the right fit for your event, we will do everything we can to find a way to fit my program into your budget!

A simple e-mail ( ) or phone call (813-964-8283) will get you your pricing quickly!

Is there anything you can do to help us pay for your program? We really don’t have the budget for a keynote speaker.

Here are some of the things I’ve done in the past to help meeting planners bring me in:

  • If you’re able to secure a sponsor for the program, I’m happy to include some customized humor and a song parody in the program specifically about the sponsor. (And the sponsor is free to use the song afterwards for their own promotional purposes. That alone is something an advertising agency would typically charge several thousand dollars for—and your sponsor is getting it for free!)
  • I’m also a skilled (and hilarious) auctioneer. If you can secure some items to be donated, I can also conduct an auction prior to—during—or after the program. You’ve never seen a funnier fund-raiser!
  • Look at your catering budget. Very often there are some minor adjustments that can be made that make little difference to your attendees (like serving cookies instead of having an ice cream sundae bar) but suddenly free up thousands of dollars to bring In a keynote speaker. Your attendees will NOT remember the cookies. They WILL remember the keynote.

We’re nervous about the idea of booking a keynote speaker who uses comedy. Isn’t that real risky at a corporate function?

It could be risky if you were hiring a traditional stand-up comedian. They have little or no experience in front of corporate audiences and often revert back to their ‘comedy club’ performance mentality.

But your event is safe with me!  I may have begun my career as a stand-up comic, but I’ve spent far more years as a professional speaker. For over twenty years  I’ve worked exclusively in the corporate market, presenting “G-rated” humor programs for very diverse and conservative audiences. I have a stellar reputation in the meetings industry, which I couldn’t have earned if there was any risk in my using inappropriate humor.

I am a Certified Speaking Professional. This is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speaking Association, and is achieved by less than 12% of speakers worldwide.   And I am a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor that has been given to less than 250 men and women worldwide.

So it’s all good.  Everyone will laugh and no one will have any reason to contact HR.

Is your program a speech or a show?


Which means it’s both. The program has all the tenets of a keynote speech—a powerful message, motivational content, tried and tested strategies, and calls to action—but the delivery mechanism looks more like a show than a speech. The program includes a monologue, stories, song parodies performed live on a keyboard that I wear on a strap like a guitar, PowerPoint slides that have no bullet points but hilarious images instead, improvisation, customized props, and a big over-the-top rock-and-roll finish.

So, yeah, it’s both.

What are the Top Ten Reasons to Hire David Glickman for our event?

  1. Because your other presenters are presenting incredibly serious, technical, and heavy topics and your agenda is screaming for something more fun.
  2. Because my program is completely customized to YOUR group. There is no such thing as a ‘generic David Glickman program.’
  3. Because unlike many of my competitors, I allow you—and encourage you—to film my program and share it. It’s been developed exclusively for you—you should be able to continue to reap the benefits of my program even after ‘David has left the building.’
  4. Because my programs are absolutely G-rated clean. You have no risk in offending any of your audience members.
  5. Because I’ve presented over 2,000 programs in the last 20 years to some of the most prestigious companies and associations in the nation. I wouldn’t have that kind of track record if I wasn’t the best at what I do.
  6. Because I have incredible testimonials from these organizations that can give you peace of mind that you’re making a great decision. GLICK here to see words from Raving Fans.
  7. Because Steve Martin selected me from over 100 comics to appear on a national television show he was producing. And Steve Martin knows a thing or two about what’s funny!
  8. Because unlike most of the keynote speakers you’re considering, I was in ‘show business’ before I was doing ‘business shows’—and I know exactly what it takes to move, excite, and ‘wow’ an audience every single time.
  9. Because you’re getting more than just a ‘speaker to fill a slot.’ You’re getting a free trusted advisor for your entire event. It’s in both of our best interests that your event absolutely rocks! So I am available to brainstorm, consult, and help you with every aspect of your event—not just my program.
  10. Because my price isn’t just a ‘speaker fee’, it’s an investment you’re making in the mental and physical health of your attendees. Research continues to show the health benefits of laughter. And because my goal is for many of the elements of the program to be repeated (and laughed about again) long after I’m gone, those benefits are arguably worth far, far more than what you’re paying me.